What makes our company different? It's how we structure it. We follow the pattern set by the family model. 

We divide our time and energy evenly so we make certain no one on our staff is micro-managing. 

At Greener County Construction, everyone pitches in whether its the CEO, the Project Manager, the technician or the general laborer. We all specialize in our expertise of the trade, however we don't back down to rolling up sleeves to get the job done. 

Remember the key thing here is to work wholeheartedly at what you do to deliver projects efficiently. 

As we work with this ethic in mind, we do our utmost to earn your respect and recommendations. 

Our customers are the happiest customers because they tell us how satisfied they are. 

Our safety program follows the 

New York City Building Code and OSHA Rules and Regulations. 

In other words...

                               We do everything by the Book.